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In D.H Lawrence's short story Samson and Delilah, a woman is telling a group of men that she has not heard from her husband for 16 years and has no news of him whatsoever. she says:

'I know nothing of him,' she sobbed, feeling for her pocket handkerchief. 'He left me when Maryann was a baby, went mining to America, and after about six months never wrote a line nor sent me a penny bit. I can't say whether he's alive or dead, the villain. All I've heard of him's to the bad — and I've heard nothing for years an' all, now.' She sobbed violently.

Does it mean the only thing I heard of him was bad news?
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    I think it's 'bad things' – so not necessarily 'news' but stories of bad things he's done or bad things that have happened to him.
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