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    I am all mixed up when I have to build a sentence like these:

    -"I am going to go TO the cinema/theater/your house/the museum/the lake..."

    Should I have to used "zu" , "in", "nach" ?. I really don't know why for instance it is said "ins kino" but "nach Berlin" or "zu haus"

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    Basically "in" means you are (or will be) really inside of a building. Hence we say: ins Kino/ins Theater/ins Museum and so on.

    "Zu" is used when we want to say we are going somewhere where we can't be inside. Like your example with the lake: Ich gehe zum See. Or if we anounce to visit someone: Gehen wir zu dir? Since "dir" is the object and not a building "in" can't be used.

    "Nach" is mostly used in a geographical context. It can be used for cities, countrys, regions, continents, islands and other geographical objects (Ich gehe nach Berlin/nach Frankreich/nach Amerika/nach Mallorca etc.) as long as they aren't waterbodies. If you want to say that you're going to live on a certain shore the right preposition is "an". (Ich ziehe an den Pazifik/an den Amazonas/an den Titicacasee/ans Mittelmeer etc.)

    The expression "Ich gehe nach Hause" is simply idiomatical. I doubt it can be explained by logical grammar means.
    I hope it helps a little bit.
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    Gosh, it didn't help a littlle bit, it helped a lot Lingpil.

    I'll come back to your text to reread it slower and making examples out of it,

    Really, really grateful for your nice and awesome explanation! :)
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    Ich sag mal: ​nach Wien, nach Hamburg, nach (dem) Hause

    Eilig strebte ich nach (dem) Hause.

    Vermutlich schwingt auch der locativus directionalis nach: Romam, domum - nach Rom, nach Hause
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    lingpil, last time I visited an drama show of Broadway and in that show there were some word like Ich gehe zum and Nach but being an American I couldn't got the right means of these words but today I got it right.

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