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Hello everybody!
Let me ask this question
I want to express this meaning:
1) I want to know about Swedish culture
2) But I've not been interested in it.
3) Because it is too distant from my country.

Of the following which is better or let me know better expression if you can tell me. Many thanks in advance.

A: I want to know about Swedish culture which has been as far beyond my interest as she is far from Korea.

B: I want to know about Swedish culture which has been far beyond my interest to the extent she is far from Korea.
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    (A) is right, with two small changes: a comma before 'which', and 'it' instead of 'she'. It is rare these days to call countries 'she'. But you have used 'as far . . . as' exactly right.

    'To the extent' is not used about physical extents, like the distance between Korea and Sweden. It's usually about things that are partially like each other, or only partially true. Here's a possible example: 'To the extent that Sweden and Korea are both middle-sized countries, they have both been dominated by their neighbours in the past.' (There are many differences between the two countries, but this talks about one way they're alike.)


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    Personally, I think the construction of sentence A - using 'as far ... as ...' - is more elegant than that of B. (But it should be 'it' not 'she')


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    Loosely speaking, I know what you mean but technically, she ("it" would be better) is "Swedish culture". I don't know how far a culture is from a country.
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