to the most special and dearest person for me...

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  1. Seikun

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    Chile - Castellano
    Could you guys help me out with this sentence?

    I would like to know if this sentence I made up in Japanese is correct or not and I need your help. I recently learnt about this other use of で to connect adjectives in a sentence for -na adjectives.

    Here I go...:


    Is it correct? If not please could you correct it for me?
    I also tried with 者 instead of 人, I don't know if 者 works here too...

    Thanks in advance^^
  2. Arui Kashiwagi Senior Member

    Grammatically very good, however 破格 doesn't fit this context. Perhaps 特別 would be better.
    破格 is usually used for a price, a deal or a treatment. "To the person at the most special bargain for me" is obviously not what you want to say, you know :)

    者 is also not recommendable here. "...者" is kind of an impersonal, unemotional expression and it often appears in legal texts or a company's official announcements.
    Actually "愛しい人" is very idiomatic and suitable for love letters, so keep it!
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  3. Seikun

    Seikun Senior Member

    Chile - Castellano
    Very clear and complete answer. Glad you showed me in which contexts I should use 破格.

    Thank your for clearing this up for me^^

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