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Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by blackvesper, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. blackvesper

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    Privet vsem!

    Kak mogu skazat po russki: You learn to talk short and to the point? Spasibo!
  2. Kimski New Member

    you could say
    "Вы учитесь говорить коротко и по делу" (less formal)
    "Вы учитесь говорить кратко и по существу" (a bit more formal)
  3. rwils79 Senior Member

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    Если не ошибаюсь, то this sounds more like something that they say before some sort of teaching course, in which case, since Russian works a little bit differently sometimes (носители русского языка мыслят не так, как носители английского), you'd have to speak about the future and say this: "Вы научитесь говорить коротко/кратко и по делу/существу."
  4. Healer New Member

    Без "Вы".
    Научитесь говорить коротко и по существу (по делу).
  5. Kimski New Member

    rwils79 is right, it depends on the context... in my first post it was direct translation which definitely may be used in certain situations. "(Посещая курс,) Вы учитесь говорить коротко и по существу..."
    But wouldn't future tense work for english version as well: "(During the course) You'll learn how to talk short and to the point"?
    And back to Russian, if we're talking about an introduction that supposed to be written I'd personally say something like
    "Вы научитесь излагать суть своей мысли коротко и ясно"
    it sounds more literary
  6. Basalitan New Member

    Need I say that the syllable you stress has even greater importance in this case. I.e. "Научи́тесь говорить коротко и по делу (по существу)" is imperative mood, used with a peremptory tone.
    If it is about learning how to use laconic speech, then the best translation for this would be "Вы у́читесь говорить коротко и по делу". For example, "Посещая курсы, вы у́читесь говорить коротко и по делу" (Pres. Cont.) and "..., вы нау́читесь..." (Future).

    To comment what Kimski said, he's right. Without "суть" though. "Вы научитесь излагать (кого? что?) свою мысль коротко и ясно".
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