To the Queen: mum or mam?


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Hi everybody!

I watched the movie "The Queen" and I have a question about it: to they say to the Queen "mum (mother?)" or "mam (madam)"?

Thanks! Also for correcting me!
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    do they say


    I believe it's "Ma'am", from "Madam". Apparently, if you are in a position to have a chat with HRH, you are supposed to address her as "Your Majesty", initially. For the rest of the conversation, "Ma'am" is standard.(source)



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    Isn't there a line in the movie on the pronunciation? Something like "It's Ma'am rhymes with 'ham', not Mam (?) rhymes with 'farm.'


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    I watched a documentary once where they said it was 'Mam' to rhyme with ham.

    Ma'am is the usual abbreviation for Madam but obviously not the queen's preferred version.

    I find it strange though, as in my family Mam is used for mother!