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Does anybody know the meaning of "to the touch" in this following phrase:

"...some manufacturers have devalued their produce to the touch even if that plastic will perform well enough to protect the internal operations of the camera"

Its a text about what material they have used, are using and will use to make cameras.

Thank you
  • frida-nc

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    English USA
    Hi, and welcome to the forums, emiliiii.
    You've posted in Spanish-English; were you looking for a Spanish translation?
    Unfortunately, the English is badly translated from some other language.
    "Produce" as a noun in the context of cameras is incorrect; the word should be "product" (producto).
    I assume the company means it has "downgraded" (bajado de categoría) the resistance of the camera to some kind of touch, but whether they mean by "touch" el tacto, la manipulación, o el contacto con la piel de la mano, is hard to decide without more context.

    Good luck!
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