to the varying hour

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Hello !

I'm trying to translate this sentence :

the hereditary principle must not be left to the mercy of politicians trimming their doctrines "to the varying hour"

And I have some problem translating the last part. I think I have understood what it means, that is that the politicians change their doctrines according to what the main opinion is, but I can't really say this in french.

I thought of "dans le sens du vent", but I'm not entirely sure it exists.

Thanks for your help !
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    It's an 18th century quote, hence the odd phrasing ("By doctrines fashioned to the varying hour." The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith).
    Without researching it, I imagine it means that politicians adapt their opinions to suit the current situation.


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    Français de France gré/en fonction des circonstances.

    Après, suivant le contexte : au petit bonheur la chance, à la va comme je te pousse
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