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    Hello everyone,

    How can I say "I think too much/very much"? 我思很多 ??

    Thank you very much.
    we may grammatically put it this way:
    I think too much--我想太多
    我 想 太 多
    I think very much-我想很多(it's a very odd expression in oral Mandarin, but here what I want to show you is the difference between too much and very much) 我 想 很/非常 多

    alright, these are not important, I think your question focus on "think", simply say, 我思很多, "思" is incorrect here. It's normally a classical Chinese verb when we express something relate to "mind activity" like "think-思考" or "miss-思念". there is a very famous classical poem by great poet Li Bai, 低头思故乡, refers to "missing".

    In a word, it's better to say 我想太多 for "think too much", if we add a word "了" to the end by 我想太多了, it would be much more comfortable in every day spoken Mandarin.


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    我想多了(I thought too much)
    我想太多了(I thought too much)
    想太多了 is little stronger than 想多了。
    I guess, just use 我想多了,it will be suitable ~~~
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