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Anne Frank

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Hi There! Come across such a paragraph in the article:
In one entry, Frank describes how her father’s business partners—now her family’s protectors—hold a critical corporate meeting in the office below the family’s hiding place. Her father, she and her sister discover that they can hear what is said by lying down with their ears pressed to the floor.
As far as I know, in English, below means "lower than something else", but I as well know(or thought I know?) there couldn't have been any office below the Achterhuis Is it a mistake made by the editor(or whoever else) of the article, or I really don't know something?
I could for sure write to the English forum, but who could know that better than Dutch people?

P.S. Don't speak a word of Dutch, please, write in English.
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    Het Achterhuis

    In 1940 huurt Otto Frank het hele pand, voor- en achterhuis, van Pieron, die sinds 1901 de eigenaar is. Vanaf dat moment worden de etages niet meer afzonderlijk gebruikt, maar als één geheel. Op de begane grond is de werkplaats van het bedrijf, de twee etages daarboven worden kantoorruimtes en opslagruimte. On the ground floor is the workplace of the company, the two floors above become office spaces and storage space.