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  1. arevalch

    arevalch Senior Member

    St. Louis, MO
    Could anybody help me to know what "I just want to touch base with you" means?
  2. Ofelia M. Senior Member

    Spanish, Cuba
    it comes from baseball, referring to a player touching a base

    it just means to contact someone, it can be for a very brief moment, just to check on something, or just to check in, see how things are going

    I have no idea of how to say in Spa -- my brain is mush right now, sorry
  3. Manuel G. Rey

    Manuel G. Rey Senior Member

    ¿Cuando un jugador toca la base antes de que el defensor lo toque con la pelota no gana el primero la base?
    Si es así parece que el sentido sería: 'Me gustaría robarte la base'. Pero desde los partidos de baseball que vi en La Habana han transcurrido justo 49 años y ya no estoy seguro de recordar el juego.
  4. Doodle Senior Member

    English, United States
    In order to score a run in baseball, a player has to touch all the bases. Also, a player might move away from the base she is standing on in an attempt to steal the next base. The pitcher, seeing the player leave the base, can throw the ball to that base to get her out, and she would have to touch the base before the ball gets there in order to avoid getting out. So "touch base" refers to the idea of doing everything you have to do in the correct order-- taking all the required steps, just as you have to touch all the bases in order to score a run-- or making sure that things are okay, just as the player trying to steal a base has to touch base in order to stay in the game.

    Lamento que no puedo pensar en una buena traduccion. Pero eso es lo que significa para mi.
  5. Ofelia M. Senior Member

    Spanish, Cuba
    parece que todo el mundo esta de acuerdo que la frase como se usa en el Ingles actual no tiene mucho que ver con lo que hace un jugador de beisbol

    tambien, robarse la base no es touching base, sino stealing [base]

    es una frase que se usa muchisimo, I find it -- a little nerdly
  6. pabloaa New Member

    Spain Spanish
    Having said that the meaning of " touch base with someone " would be having the chance to speak with someone and updating on the current situation, the translation to Spanish would be

    " ponerse al día con alguien "

    Te llamo y nos ponemos al día = I will touch base with you.

    Hope it helps.
  7. toritoandalu New Member

    I would say "ponernos al dia" is not a brief encounter. You can say that to a friend after a period of time you didn't see him / her, so it would me more like 'We will catch up'. You could spend hours catching up :)

    I can't find a single word translation for touching base, but if I have to say something similar in spanish would be 'consultar brevemente el estado de algo a alguien'.
  8. Manuel G. Rey

    Manuel G. Rey Senior Member

    ¿Cambié impresiones con....? Es frase hecha, pero no sé si responde a la frase 'to touch base with...'
  9. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    to touch base with - mantener contacto con/ponerse en contacto con/contactar con.

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