to turn "a T-Rex into a T-Rachel"

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flamboyant lad

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It's from Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaur movie

Buck: Now let me tell you about the time I used a sharpened clam shell to turn a T-Rex into a T-Rachel.

Was Buck trying to say that he cut the penis of the Dinosaur[T-Rex] and by doing so he turned him into female?
  • pob14

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    Penis and/or testicles, yes. It's one of those jokes that the makers of childrens' movies like to throw in so that the adults will have something to laugh at too.


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    Castration generally involves removing (or disabling) the testicles, but not the penis.
    I don't see that "castration" per se comes into it. The cultural fallacy (no auditory pun intended) behind the joke is that if you remove all of a male's external genitalia, you create a female, and that is presumably what Buck is referring to. Simply disabling the testicles of the T-Rex would not achieve the purpose.


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    Like Egmont, when I read that line I instinctively thought of castration. Cutting off a penis isn't a common occurrence (unless your name's Bobbitt!), whereas castration is a much more familiar concept, having been practised throughout history for various reasons — whether it be to produce harem eunuchs or chorists, or in politics to avoid the founding of rival dynasties.

    Actually castration does result in certain 'female' characteristics, because of the lack of testosterone: higher-pitched voice, reduced body hair, possible reduction of male aggressivity, etc. And so joking references to castration often focus on the emasculation aspect. Whereas a penectomy doesn't have any physiological 'feminising' effect.

    I guess the only way we'd know for certain what Buck supposedly had in mind would be to ask the scriptwriters of Ice Age 3 — but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they said castration.

    Besides (though I doubt the scriptwriters thought of this), if T-Rex was an ancestor of the lizard family, he probably had two penises (which would have meant a lot of work with that clamshell, especially as they're normally positioned inside the body ;)). But if, as is the commonly held view now, dinosaurs were the forerunners of birds, he quite possibly didn't have a penis at all! [If anyone wants to refute the relevance of those last thoughts to what Buck meant, I give in right now.] :D

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