to turn people against someone

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Please, what various ways do you have of saying, “to turn people against someone”?

This means that somebody goes around saying nasty things about somebody else and, as a result of this, some people begin to dislike and mistrust him.

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    Additionally, "dedikodu yapmak" is very common in this context. It's meaning is slightly different tho, it is: "spreading rumours".


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    To my knowledge; no one of these is fully even some of them partially; compliant with the idea given.

    Ahmet'i Mehmet'in ALEYHİNE DÖNDÜRMEK: To turn Ahmet against Mehmet.

    Ahmet'i Mehmet'e DÜŞMAN ETMEK. To set Ahmet as an enemy of Mehmet.

    Ahmet'le Mehmet'i BİRBİRİNE DÜŞÜRMEK. To set Ahmet and Mehmet as enemy/against of EACH OTHER.

    Last one is broader than others due to its bilateral manner.
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