To turns A against B


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Hello everyone!

How may I say: She turns Lucy against Leila? As a person would deliberately make in trouble two other thrid persons in order to satisfy his/her own purpose.

Thank you in advance :)
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    The usual verb is 挑拨 or 离间 or 挑拨离间 combined. But 挑拨离间 is more often used to describe sb.'s character: 千万别和喜欢挑拨离间的人做朋友
    You can say 她离间了Lucy 和Leila. / 她在Lucy和Leila间挑拨是非.


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    别... = Don't ...
    千万 is for emphasis, so 千万别... = Don't ever do sth...
    /喜欢挑拨离间的人/做朋友 = make friends with those who like to sow discord
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