to + verb or verb+ing


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¿Alguien podría enseñarme una regla fácil para saber cuando emplear to + verbo en infinitivo o verbo +ing?. Gracias y un saludo

pd.- ejemplo started to cry o started crying
  • Artrella

    Hello Ropit! :) I don't think there are rules as regards verbs followed by "ing" or "to infinitive".

    Different verbs can be followed by different kinds of word and structure. This is partly a matter of meaning: after a verb like "eat" or "break", for instance, it is normal to expect a noun; after "try" or "stop", it is natural to expect a verb. There are no simple rules for this kind of problem; it is necessary to learn, for each verb, what kind of structures can follow it!! :eek:

    I'm sorry Ropit!!! :(