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  1. tr123 Senior Member

    Hello everyone,
    I am translating a literary text in to French. The sentence I am trying to translate is:
    "The cabin steward knocking on their door woke her."
    I am stuck on 'woke her'. This is the sentence I have so far:
    Le steward qui frappait à sa porte l'eut reveillée.
    Is it ok to use this?
    I am also not sure if frappait is correct? or would frappa be better?
    Thanks very much for your help!
  2. Aline Si

    Aline Si Senior Member

    Une proposition parmi d'autres : Le steward frappant à leur porte la réveilla.

    l'eut réveillée n'est pas correct ici, ça équivaudrait à would have woken her up (et là, je ne suis pas certaine du tout que mon anglais soit correct ^^)
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  3. Fredddd Senior Member

    Les coups frappés à la porte par le steward la réveillèrent.
    Elle se réveilla en entendant le steward frapper à la porte.
    depends on the way you want or need to say it and the text, in fact.
    There are probably other possibilities.
    Hope it helps.
    NB: maybe "their" door is important (to know she's not alone perhaps ?). "leur porte" ??? but if not "la porte" would be better
  4. tr123 Senior Member

    OK thanks very much, so would sa porte mean his/her door and leur porte means their door (two or more people)?
  5. Fredddd Senior Member

    yes. their = leur = two (or more ?!) people
  6. tr123 Senior Member

    Thanks for your help! :)

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