"To walk the line" (Not the Johnny Cash meaning)

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a song by Madonna has leaked that is called "Across the sky" and as I was listening to the lyrics and I wondered what "to walk the line" could mean in that context.

I have never been a righteous soul
And I don’t pretend I am
But I walk the line when I’m with you
Cause you make me believe I can
Since I don't really know the meaning of "walking the line" I don't understand this paragraph.

As far as I know, to walk the line is to be obedient but then, what does he make her believe she can do?
I mean the very last line:
Cause you make me believe I can
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    I agree that it means that she behaves herself.

    This is, in fact, the meaning of "walk the line" in Johnny Cash's song as well.
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    It could have originated from the test that police used to use to test a driver for suspected drunk driving. The driver was required to "walk the line" on the highway....those who did so successfully were presumed innocent......
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