to welcome [to welcome / to be welcomed]

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Moderesa de Beagá
Português/ Brasil
Hello everyone,

We are struggling with this word we've found in this article. For me it'd be to welcome, but anyway it doesn't make sense to me.
The most we can say today is that the worst of the financial panic, and the result fall in global output, is probably over. The crisis has been contained. That is indeed towelcomed.
Any ideas?
  • Cagey

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    English - US

    This is indeed to be welcomed.

    Possibly he lost a couple of words when copying, or cutting and pasting.


    English - American
    it seems it is meant to read: "to be welcomed" - "That is indeed to be welcomed."
    something (financial panic) hasn't disappeared yet, and when it does, it will be welcomed.

    hope that helps :)
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