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    I would like to know how do you use "to what extent" ... can you write to what extent and after that a gerund...
    I'll write the sentence I'm trying to write, let's see if its possible that you guys take a look for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    However, to what extent bringing the other(s) closer entails comprehension?

    The original sentence is: ¿hasta que punto el acercamiento a/de los otros comporta su comprensión?

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    I would not use the gerund after the phrase"to what extent" without preceding it by a conjugated verb.

    Examples: To what extent have they damaged the property? (typical)

    To what extent does (bringing others closer) aid in comprehension?

    This does not make very much sense as I've translated it here! I want to show you how to use the gerund, but I definitely don't want you to use my translation at all! Wait for someone who better understands your original message. I'm not sure what "others/the others" refers to.
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