to which extent / to what extent


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Hello everybody!

Could someone explain the difference (if any) between to which extent and to what extent?

Thanks a lot!
  • Dilar12345

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    In my understanding the difference is basically the same difference between which and what by themselves.

    To what extent asks the question in general without any specific extents being presupposed beforehand.

    Example: "To what extent would you be willing to help me move this weekend?

    To which extent chooses between several pre-existing options/distinguishes between them.

    Example: "You could just let me borrow your truck, or you could carry my couch up the stairs. To which extent would you be willing to help me?"

    Is this a good example? Any other thoughts on this?


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    I think the difference lies in the same place it does when u have to use either 'what' or 'which' in any other given case.

    I believe it would depend on the context in each situation, though maybe someone else can provide a more theoretical grammatical justification.

    I found this:

    what is used to refer to objects or ideas in an open question;

    which is preferred when a choice is given of items you can choose from.

    maybe that helps!
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