to whisk them off their feet

  • heypresto

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    English - England
    To 'whisk (or sweep) someone off their feet' means to charm them, or make them fall in love you you. Flowers, romantic words, candles, soft music, and being handsome (if a man) are often involved. ;)

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    British English
    I've always taken it to imply a certain power to weight ratio: the man is strong; the woman is light.

    I'd say it's more 'scoop up' than 'brush off'. It must be swift, and effortless.


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    Ukrainian & Russian
    Thank you heypresto and Beryl from Northallerton!

    (My dictionaries have simply failed to register this expression (the 'whisk' one, I mean, 'sweep someone off their feet' is there, though).
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