Toast to the Piper

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Spanish (LatAm)
Hi everyone! I am wondering if there is an equivalent toast in Spanish or an official translation for this toast.

The context is as follows:

As the Piper has piped in the head table, distinguished guests, Imperial Potentate and Imperial officers, the potentate or his representative, after he has requested all to be seated, will raise his glass to the Piper who will return his greeting slainte mhath (slang avough) by raising his glass to the potentate.

My intent: "Brindis en honor al gaitero". Would this translation sound ridiculous in Spanish?

Thanks in advance!
  • Bolboreta85

    I think it sounds well, but you don't need to change the expression too much, you can also say in Spanish "alzará su copa por el gaitero" which means the same as "brindará por el gaitero".
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