toasting net / gridiron / grill


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Hi, I looked up this Japanese word in a Japanese-English dictionary and it gave me the following three English terms without any explanations.

1. toasting net
2. gridiron
3. grill

I then consulted other dictionaries, and decided to look for photos showing the objects.
Please see the following questions I made up, as well as the photos I picked, imagining me asking them at your home while eating the food with you.

"What do you usually use to clean the toasting net?"

"What do you usually use to clean the grid of the gridiron?"

"What do you usually use to clean the grill net?"

Is it correct to use the terms or expressions in bold font referring to that metal part the food sits on?
(I can already hear "No"...)

  • lingobingo

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    I’m not familiar with any of those items of cookware.

    EDIT: Apart from the middle picture, which I now see is a conventional oven grill pan used over a hob.


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    1 is a toaster oven with a rack.
    2 and 3 I would call them grills.
    If you say "gridiron", Americans will think about football fields not cooking.


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    Thank you both very much. So I suppose toaster ovens don't exist or aren't popular in the UK.
    As for #2, would it be correct to say "Remove the grill from the pan when washing up"?
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