1. citygirl Member

    USA English
    what does "tocate mean? Is that "touch you"
  2. Jhorer Brishti Senior Member

    United States/Bangladesh English/Bengali
    Yes, that's precisely what it means. Breaking the word down into its composite parts "Toca" is the imperative informal second person(tú) command form of the verb "Tocar"(to touch) while the "te" is the form of the second person informal object pronoun. As you have noticed the object pronouns must be affixed to the end of the verb in commands and can optionally be placed at the end of the infitive verb(Quiero tocarte or "Te quiero tocar) and the verb in the progressive tense(Estoy tocándote or "Te estoy tocando).
  3. jivemu Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    I'd prefer to see the context before to answer.
  4. MARIAMARIA Senior Member

    it is touch yourself...

    por ejemplo.
    Tocate el pelo
  5. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    Tócate (imperativo)

    claro, en Argentina lo dicen sin acento.

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