Today is my birthday


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Hello, my friends,

I was wondering whether the underlined part is idiomatic:

Hello, everyone! Today is my birthday.

Thoughts and context: I am going to tell my friends that I am 18 and 18 years ago I was born that time.
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    Yes, and if you want to swap it around (My birthday is today), that's fine too although that will have a different focus. Your sentence focuses on why today is special; my other sentence focuses on when your birthday is.


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    "It's my birthday today" is more colloquial. I can't imagine myself saying "Today is my birthday". I could of course use the contracted form "Today's my birthday", but if I prefer to use "It's my birthday today" it doesn't cost me anything.

    I don't really understand the concept of "wordy" when we're talking about everyday expressions in spoken English ;).