Toditos y toditas


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The song "Clavel sevillano" by Agustín Lara contains the following lines:
clavel que supiste
sus ansias de amores
clavel que envidiaron toditas las flores.

My attempt to translate:
carnation that you knew
her yearnings of loves
carnation that envied toditas? the flowers.
I couldn't find a translation in any dictionary. When I searched the web, I came across a blog entitled "New York: Un Día a la Vez", that begins with: "Toditos y toditas vamos en picada, recolectando pasos, que más que movimientos de piernas, rodillas y pies, son colecciones de accidentes, el resultado mecanizado de tanto desacierto."

What do Toditos and toditas mean in English?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I hope to be helpful...

    Toditos and Toditas mean: all of a kind
    Toditos: all the masculine items/persons,
    Toditas: all the feminine items/persons of its kind.

    In this situation it is referring that the carnation is the envy of all flowers.


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    "Toditos" always makes me think of the phrase "each and every one." Sometimes in Spanish, it appears that the diminutive is used to emphasize, and that's what it does here.