toe rag


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Ahí va el contexto: the case of chocolate money, some little toe rag would not eat them.

¿Qué significa little toe rag?


  • jacinta

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    A toe rag es una persona inútil, un sinvergüenza pero peor. Viene de la idea de un trapo para limpiar el toe jam entre los dedos de pie.

    Jaime Astarloa

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    Please, can anybody tell me the meaning of this expression? Toe -rug
    I read it in a blog. It is said: Good to see the gangly oddball has come to terms with the recent suicide of his long-term partner. I'm going to miss that little toe-rag...

    Thanks a lot.


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    Welcome to the forums, Jaime!

    Remember to read the rules first and give it a try yourself before asking. This is what I found for toerag :

    Concise Oxford English Dictionary © 2008 Oxford University Press:
    nounBrit. informal a contemptible person.
    – origin C19: orig. denoting a rag wrapped round the foot as a sock or, by extension, the wearer (such as a vagrant)