'toe warm'

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Hi every body,
1. Is the water on your big toe warm or cold?
I found this sentence in one web site.
I doubt very much about its spellings.
If I take 'big' as bag, am I correct?
If I am correct, people say 'toe warm'.
If 'toe warm' is a phrase, what is the meaning?
Please explain.
  • sdgraham

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    The words are not a phrase in the sentence you provide. "Warm" and "cold" are simple adjectives the same as one might ask: "Are you happy"


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    There is water on my big toe.
    Is that water warm or cold?
    Is the water that is on my big toe warm or cold?
    Is the water on my big toe warm or cold?


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    Just to add: Traditionally, you dip your big toe into a pool or ocean to check the water temperature. It's a little less shocking to the system to have a cold toe that a body that's suddenly frigid.
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