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What is the most common word for 'toe' and 'toes' in German?

I have seen the following forms:

  1. Singular der Zeh with plural of die Zehe or die Zehen
  2. Singular die Zehe with plural of die Zehen
Thanks in advance.
  • Frank78

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    In plural it's definitely "die Zehen". I've never came across "die Zehe" in plural.

    If it comes to "Zehen" at feet "der" and "die" are used in singular. I cannot say which is more common.

    But if you talk about other kinds of "Zehen" it's always "die" -> "die Knoblauchzehe" (a clove of garlic) for example


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    "Zeh" and "Zehe" are interchangeable, if it comes to feet. While "Zeh" is always masculine, "Zehe" is always feminine.

    "Der große Zeh."
    "Die große Zehe."

    The plural of both is "die Zehen".

    If it comes to garlic, it's always the feminine form. "Der Knoblauchzeh" does not exist, as far as I know.
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