togliere il disturbo

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by elastika, May 31, 2005.

  1. elastika Senior Member

    croatia croatian
    good morning,

    does anyone how to translate 'togliere il disturbo'. this is the context: "consegnate i vostri fogli e togliete il disturbo" (this is said by a professor to students who have just taken a test).

    thanks a lot
  2. morgana

    morgana Senior Member

    Togliere il disturbo means to go away.
    "Please hand over your papers (tests?) and leave the room"
    Does it make sense?
  3. elastika Senior Member

    croatia croatian
    thanks, morgana, for your help
  4. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    Yes, but it is impolite. I wonder why a professor would say that. It's mainly used in the first person (either singular or plural):

    Bene, ora tolgo il disturbo (well, now I'll leave, now I have to go)

    You shouldn't say that to someone else.
  5. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    If those who had just finished the test were carrying on noisily, so that those who had not yet finished were being unfairly distracted.....?
  6. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    Yes, perhaps... think of a professor saying to his students: get out of here! And you get the picture :)
  7. Manuel_M Senior Member

    Togliete il disturbo = take your leave
  8. Elisa68 Senior Member


    Ho visto che i dizionari (Garzanti, Paravia) traducono

    togliere il disturbo


    to be off.

    Vorrei sapere se ritenete questa traduzione corretta o ci sono altri modi di dire.
    Come al solito sono interessata anche alle varianti regionali (AE, BE, AuE, ecc).

    Grazie mille a tutti. :)
  9. Juri Senior Member

    Koper, near Trieste
    Trovo: "to take one's leave"(??)
  10. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    "To be off" suona molte BE, e veramente non lo capisco in inglese :)o)!
    "To be off" = "crazy", "having a bad day", "starting a race", "starting a trip", "not functioning"...

    Assumo che "togliere il disturbo", se non è una frase idiomatica, significa "fermare/stop/alt il disturbo/fastidio".

    Stop it!
    Cut it out!
    Stop hassling me/us!

    nel senso medico - ?cure the condition.

    Sono tanti frasi. A te, cosa significa "togliere il disturbo" in italiano (se è idiomatica).
  11. Elisa68 Senior Member

    Grazie Juri e Tim.

    Tim, my fault, avrei dovuto fare degli esempi.:eek: Si', e' idiomatica.


    Una persona entra in una stanza dove dei colleghi stanno lavorando ad un progetto:
    Scusate, devo solo prendere questo fascicolo, tolgo subito il disturbo[vado via subito cosi' potete lavorare in pace].

    Oppure due fidanzati (o due amici) litigano ed uno dei due dice:
    Non preoccuparti, tolgo il disturbo (dalla tua vita) [esco per sempre dalla tua vita].

    Ne abbiamo anche una simile che e':
    togliersi dai piedi.
  12. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    Benissimo! Ho imparato qualcosa!
    Senso normale:
    I'm off!
    Let me grab this, and I'm off.
    Sorry, I'm off!
    Sorry guys, I'm outta here!
    I gotta go.
    I'm leaving now.
    Sorry for the bother. ("bother" è molto/più BE)
    I'll get out of here as soon as possible!
    I'll bother you for just a second.
    If I can bother you for just a second.

    Nel senso più pesante:
    I'll get out of your life ASAP.
    I'm leaving (you) now.
    I'm outta here!
    I'm long gone!
    Have a nice life!
    I gotta go.
    I will stop your pain right now.

    Sono tanti frasi. Non conosco le frasi in BE.
  13. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    I'll be on my way is another of saying I'll be off.

    Australians have a slight variation to I'll be off. I don't know whether it is used anywhere else in the English speaking world. It is, :warn: I'll be off like a Jewish foreskin. :warn: I hope this is not offensive to anyone and would like to state that I have only heard but never used this expression.
  14. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    Very nice addition (I'll be on my way).
    It reminds me of another one "I'll be out of your way in a second".
  15. ElaineG

    ElaineG Senior Member

    Brooklyn NY
    We don't use this one, but we have similar slightly corny ways of saying this:

    "I'm going to make like a tree and leave"
    "I'm going to make like a banana and split"
    "See you round like a donut"

    There are thousands of others, but those are the only ones that come to mind at the moment. They are corny, so use at your own risk.
  16. mgalasso

    mgalasso Senior Member

    San Francisco
    USA English

    Regarding both of your examples, both of these are a good fit:

    1) Don't mind me

    2) I'll save you the trouble
  17. "Togliere il disturbo" looks to me as if it ought to be "to quit bothering" --
    "Sorry: I just have to get my coat then I'll quit bothering you."
  18. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    In number 11 Tim said the one that I've always thought to be closest to the sense of togliere il disturbo, which is "I'll be out of your way...," to which I'll add the more informal "I'll be out of your hair..."
  19. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    Un modo di dirlo sarebbe "to make oneself scarce".
  20. WordsWordWords

    WordsWordWords Senior Member

    Piemonte, Italy
    Am English
    **** NEW QUESTION ****


    I am reopening this thread. I have found the phrase "togliere il disturbo" in the following sentence:

    Sono favorevole al diritto individuale di togliere il disturbo, quando lo si reputa necessario per sé.

    (Here the context is the author's discussion of euthanasia, so that "togliere il disturbo" would refer to a patient's right to end his own life. I would like to find an appropriately euphemistic term in English...)

    My attempt (for now):

    I’m in favor of the right of an individual to free himself of his plight when he deems it necessary (as a personal choice).

    Any other suggestions are welcome!
  21. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    Hi WWW - in terms of euthanasia, how about:
    the right of an individual to end his misery...... put an end to his troubles....
  22. WordsWordWords

    WordsWordWords Senior Member

    Piemonte, Italy
    Am English
    Thanks Joan, one your suggestions might be just fine.

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