Tokyo opposed a visit this month

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The quotation comes from North Korean Missile Test Brings Temporary Unity in East Asia

Quotation: Tensions between the three countries have intensified in recent months: Chinese vessels have repeatedly entered disputed waters surrounding a group of Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea, setting off protests from Japan. Tokyo opposed a visit this month by South Korean lawmakers to islands both nations claims. And China has vehemently criticized South Korea’s agreement to host an American-built advanced missile defense system that the Chinese believe could be used against their country’s missiles.

Context: South Korean lawmakers managed to visit the islands on Aug., 15.
Hi everyone! I have a question about the bold part. Having referred to relevant news reports, I knew the lawmakers visited the islands, despite Japan's opposition. But I want to know: is it possible to decide whether the lawmakers have really visited the islands on the basis of "Tokyo opposed a visit this month by South Korean lawmakers to islands"?
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    No, it's not. It could refer to a proposed visit (later) this month, or even a proposed one earlier this month that was called off.
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