told her why we<'ve><'d> been a bit quiet


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Why You Should Never Start a Follow-Up Email With "I Haven't Heard From You"

Sample sentence:

Janine Popick, founder of email marketing firm VerticalResponse, recently shared a story where guilt provoked her to respond. Here's the note she received from a potential partner she had agreed to work with in a previous communication.

Here goes the text of the note in question...

"Whoa! I felt like crap!” Janine wrote of her reaction to the note. “I instantly emailed her back, apologized, and told her why we<'ve><'d> been a bit quiet."


The present perfect "have been" is used in the original. Is the past perfect "had been" also correct in this case? If so, are both options equally natural?

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!

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