tomó dormida a la zaga

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    I don't know why but sports commentary always gives me a lot of problems. I can't quite understand the 2nd sentence of this:

    "El gol vino de un pase por la izquierda que iba para la entrada de Vagner Love, que no le pudo pegar. Robinho tomó dormida a la zaga y entró solo por la derecha para vencer sin problemas el arco."

    What does "tomó dormida" and "a la zaga" mean in this case together like that. It almost sounds like Robinho fell asleep not far behind but managed to enter alone on the right to achieve victory without any problems."

    Oh, and what does "el arco" mean? I know it means "arch" in English. But it kind of seems just added to the end of the sentence. Help!
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    "tomar dormido", take somebody by surprise.
    "la zaga", defense players.
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    Hi CLM,

    It sounds to me like "Robinho caught the defense sleeping". And "arco" is just a word for "goal".

    Hope it's helpful.
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    You bet it's helpful!

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