tomar vs. hacer una decisión

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  1. Is it correct to say I usually make all the decisions using hacer as the verb, or is tomar a better choice? Gracias de antemano por ayuda. Alberto
  2. mina7166 Senior Member

    Tomar una decisión.
  3. Gracias, mina. Yo siempre quería que tomar era sinónimo para beber.
  4. Chalon Senior Member

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    Lo es. :)
  5. lazarus1907 Senior Member

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    Tomar es parecido a 'take' en inglés: you can take decisions and can take a drink.
  6. Gracias, Lazarus. In english we don't say take a decision; we only make them. That is why I was confused. I am learning that spanish is different in many ways from english.
  7. lazarus1907 Senior Member

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    Actually, I always say "Make a decision", but I'm pretty sure I've heard it and seen it written before. ;)

    take a decision (=make an important decision, especially after considering carefully) - Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
    No decision will be taken on the matter until next week. - Oxford Dictionary
    Take a decision: to make (a decision) especially with finality or authority - Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    23. To undertake, make, or perform: take a walk; take a decision. - The American Heritage Dictionary

    I believe that the last two are American dictionaries.
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  8. Gracias, Lazarus, no sabía eso. Tal vez es más común en englaterra. No lo he oído en los estados unidos "take a decision". Alberto
  9. lazarus1907 Senior Member

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    Spanish, Spain
    Sabía que no era frecuente, pero se me ocurrió como "solución" para intentar aclarar las cosas. En mi departamento en el College (son todos angloparlantes), solo lo conocían unos pocos.
  10. Wellow Senior Member

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    In British English, "take a decision" is very common - usually with the idea of making a choice or selection after due consideration. Like deciding to "take" a particular route to a destination.

    "Make a decision" is more "final".

  11. Gracias, Wellow. I guess it is like boot for the trunk of a car and lift instead of elevator... Have a good day. Alberto

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