tongue of metal

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What does tongue of metal mean?

The look back from this middle distance showed her two things. First, the thing did not sink back into the earth as she had at first thought. The tongue of metal was sticking up in the middle of a fairly fresh declivity, not wide but fairly deep, and surely the result of late winter runoff and the heavy spring rains that had followed it. So the ground to either side of the protruding metal was higher, and the metal simply disappeared back into it.
Source: The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

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  • dermott

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    Tongue is often used metaphorically to describe something that loosely resembles a human/animal tongue that protrudes as a tongue might. Here is a tongue of flame:

    You can have a tongue of land protruding into the ocean:

    So the metal was protruding from the ground as a tongue might.
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