Good Evening,

I would like to ask you for your help. I can't find another word to translate "TONSILLECTOMIA".

Here is the sentence to be translated:

"opuscolo informativo dedicato ai bambini operati di tonsillectomia"

My attempt:

" Leaflet to be followed by children after Tonsillectomy"

Thank you in advance
  • Skin

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    Io direi:

    "Information leaflet for children who underwent tonsillectomy".

    Perchè non vuoi usare tonsillectomy? Pensi che sia troppo tecnico e quindi non facilmente comprensibile?



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    Un termine laico c'è. As children we would always say to have your tonsils taken out... so perhaps a more child friendly version might contain something similar...But the first part is pretty formal
    Leaflet to be followed by children
    So you'd have to change the whole thing...

    Kids, had your tonsils taken out?..A leaflet for you!