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Hey folks,

Can someone help me understand the end of that sentence? I think the author (a film director) is trying to say that most of his crew members know it's best for them not to say his stories are crazy, but I find the structure of the sentence quite bizarre. Anyone?

"I’ve made two more movies since then and have written five other scripts lots of people think are crazy (but anyone on my payroll knows not to say too bluntly)."

Thanks a lot.
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    You are right in thinking it is bizarre, it's not good English. The clause in brackets at the end is not grammatically correct (so possibly not a native speaker talking....)

    But what he is trying to say is:

    mais les gens qui bossent pour moi savent qu'il ne faut pas dire autant en face de moi / trop fort / qu'il vaut mieux éviter de dire autant etc (c.a.d. le fait qu'on trouve ses scénarios fous/insensés)


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    Right, that's what I was thinking. The author is from NZ, so not exactly a native speaker... ;)
    Thantks a lot!


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    Yes there is a word missing at the end but actually it is still understandable: ...... knows not to say "that" (= those scripts are crazy) too bluntly.
    Your # 1 guess is correct - they had better not say "that" in his hearing.
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