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Traditionally, Chinese girls are raised to be cute and dainty. To smile demurely. To cover their mouths when they laugh, as if laughing is an activity too gregarious and inelegant to be considered proper form for a female.

Listen to the Squawking Chicken
by Elaine Lui

Does gregarious have any negative connotation?
I'm not sure what 'too gregarious' means in this context.
Please help. Thank you.
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    The author undoubtedly means 'an activity that girls should not do when they are in [mixed] company', Mia.


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    [...] Does gregarious have any negative connotation? [...]
    Usually it doesn't, mia. It means 'sociable' or 'enjoying the company of other people' (mixed or otherwise). But I suppose that if Chinese girls are traditionally expected not to be gregarious, then sharing laughter with others could be seen as negative in this particular context.

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