too low­powered for B roads and too high­powered for motorways

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Hi, please explain to me the meaning of the bold sentence:

"Igor looks at the Maserati that has just drawn up opposite
him in a no&shy;parking zone. It’s an absurd, uncomfortable car which,
despite its powerful engine—too low&shy;powered for B roads and too
high&shy;powered for motorways
—has to dawdle along at the same speed
as other cars."

As I know, the motorway is larger than B road, is it right?
  • Wishfull

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    I thought they were typos. They were wrote reversely.
    Now I think they are not typos.

    Maybe the car has only 3 speed or something.
    The gear system of the car is not good.

    So if you drive it in high-way (motor-way), the engine runs up too much. Power is enough, or extra-enough, but you can't obtain speed.
    if you drive it in up-and-down roads (B roads), you can not get enough power, and maybe knocking may happen.


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    I think this is talking about "driving in top/high gear", either manually or automatically.

    It may be 4-speed or even 3-speed.
    It doesn't have 5-speed, so too highpowered for highways.
    It doesn't have enough power for B roads, when he drives in top/high gear.

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    It may refers to the fact that on smaller roads it is necessary to have good performance at lower speeds, due to the many obstacles that they present (junctions, bends, slow moving traffic). A car which is designed specifically for high speeds may lack the kind of power at low speeds that is required for driving on B roads. On a motorway it is too high-powered as the speed limit is 70mph.

    I'm not by any means a motor expert, but that is what occurs to me.
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