too sweet to swallow


quelqu'un connait cette expression et son équivalent en français " "too sweet to swallow"
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    "these an lively, eager guns that reach ou so easily that they seem blessed with intelligence. I know that sounds too sweet to swallow, but the best of these carefully made
    guns have a rightness of weight, balance and swing that approaches perfection."

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    And for sweet, have a look at the suggestions here: Sickly-sweet If you find them strange in a discussion of guns, well, that's true for the English version, too.


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    Compare "(too) hard to swallow" which usually refers to something negative:
    hard to swallow
    1. difficult to accept The terms of the agreement were hard to swallow, but I needed the work. My father's anger was very hard to swallow.
    2. not easy to believe We found her excuse hard to swallow.


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    "Too sweet to swallow" would seem to be a (presumably American ;)) ad man's "slant" on "too good to be true", with a bit of mixing of metaphors... I reckon there is a play on the gun being "sweet" in there and they thought "Hey... too good to be true... too sweet... to swallow! Yeah, that'll work" :)

    Et voilà ! A new phrase which doesn't really mean anything but which is easily understandable to the intended audience.

    There are a few results for "too good to be true" here on WR which might shed some light.