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Hi everybody,

I tend to get confused when I have to use one of this three terms for a certain kind of apparatus. For instance, is a blood pressure monitor an instrument, an appliance, or a tool?
Thank you
  • alvarezg

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    An instrument is a precision, maybe scientific, device, such as a blood pressure monitor. It can also refer to a musical instrument, maybe because both are considered delicate.
    A tool is something tradespeople use, such as a hammer. or screwdriver.
    An appliance is usually operated by electricity and used at home: washing machine, vacuum cleaner,blender, etc. In the medical field, artificial arms or legs, or braces to make your teeth straight are also called applieances.


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    'Instrument' can also be used to define a weapon. For example..'He was attacked with a blunt instrument' = a weapon that is not a hammer or baseball bat or something.

    'He was attacked with a sharp instrument' = a weapon that is sharp or bladed like a knife, sword, broken bottle.

    I would just call a blood pressure monitor 'medical apparatus'.
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