Top and tail technique

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  1. Amandine

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    Hi everybody.

    Can somebody please suggest me a French translation of the following phrase: "Top and tail technique"

    given in the following context:
    " Now, some people are worried that praise in a mixed list of feedback will come over as insincere and patronising and a presentation skills technique is useful here.
    A good tip for doing this well is the top and tail technique.
    Instead of coming up to somebody and giving them a list of things that are positive, but you leaving an obvious "but" hanging in the air, and they just start thinking, "get on with it and get to the bad news", if you give them an overview of it in summary, the good bits and the bad bit, then you can go back and concentrate on the whole message, just like they do on News at Ten. Tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you've told them. Topping, top and tail technique."

    Prior cheers for your help and contribution. ;)
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  2. RuK Senior Member

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    You may know this, but "top and tail" is the phrase used to describe preparing vegetables like carrots - you clip off the top and bottom ends.
  3. Pays-Bas Member

    In dutch we call it a head-tail technique, what about Tête-à-queue?
  4. archijacq Senior Member

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    (sans conviction...)
    une approche par les deux bouts (le bon et le mauvais ensemble)
  5. Amandine

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    Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for your help. I already delivered my translation. But fortunately, I put it in a way similar to yours which, I think, conveys the actual meaning of the phrase.

    Many thanks. :)
  6. elsacoccinelle

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    I made a suggestion about a project to my boss and he answered by email : "Let’s top and tail at next catch-up ".
    Could I translate this by "Pesons le pour et le contre a la prochaine réunion" ?

    I guess he didn't mean "On fera la toilette du bébé" like Wordreference suggests it, or that's weird! :)
  7. Micia93

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    ou alors "nous éplucherons tout ça la prochaine fois" ??

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