Top-down and bottom-up


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I'm trying to translate the description of statistical methods. I'm stuck on the expressions 'top-down' and 'bottom-up'. Top-down describes when you have global information from it estimation/assume the particular. Bottom-up is when you have specific information that you are using to estimate the global. (this is as I understand things, please feel free to correct me if this in not true)

I have no idea how to translate them in French other than something like "du global a particulier" (sorry i don't have accents).

Thank you very much for your suggestion and help.

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    DDT, what do you mean that they're not to be translated? do you mean if i'm talking about 2 approaches, a top down and bottom up, i just remove the qualifier and talk about two approaches?


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    Apparently the French Government (or some of it) agrees with DDT (here page 6)
    "La modélisation économique... Sur les problématiques climatiques, deux grandes familles d’approches sont utilisées : l’approche bottom up (modèles technico-économiques) et l’approche top down (modèles économiques)."
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