Top in or the exams, ace or come first

Me and my friend are talking about a bookworm. My friend says:
1.)I bet that she will top in the exams.
2.)I bet that she will top the exams.
3.) I bet that she will are the exams.
4.) I bet that she will come first.
What should I use in my case?
Thank you
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    Only 4 works. 3 would too if you corrected the spelling.

    (Me and my friend as the subject of a verb is bad grammar.)


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    To ace an exam means to do very well, to achieve a result in the highest category, an A.

    It does not mean that the individual "came top"; there may be numerous candidates who aced the exam, and candidates often do not know their actual mark or percentage - they are only told the category eg A, B, C, D, E or worse.


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    When I was at school you could have adapted (1) to say:
    (1a) I bet that she will come top in the exams.

    But I don't think pupils these days are actually told where they came in a 'ranking' like that. And if they're only given grades as opposed to actual marks they would have no way of finding out.
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