Top of microphone


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Canada, French/Français

I am translating a phrase, that directs a person how to use something, and I'm not quite sure how to translate "top" in this sentence:

"Hold top of microphone approximately xx from mouth"

I am using l'impératif for my translations...

Tenez le haut/sommet du microphone à environ xx de votre bouche

Please help!!

  • Does tête work in this sense?

    I'm really at a loss, because there are so many words to describe "top" depending on the context, I don't know which one to use!
    I don't know whetehr the french are more aware about using a microphone, but generally we say : tenez le meicrophone...
    Who would put another part before hsi mouth ?
    HAHA - I was wondering that too... I am translating from an American document though, that we need to translate to French for our French Canadian customers... So I think I will just omit the whole "tête" part, as if you don't know how to use a microphone in the first place, these directions won't help you!
    (en plus, il y a un schéma avec un petit bonhomme qui tient le micro près de sa bouche!!)