'torn' between Barcelona and Arsenal

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Hello world citizens.

What does it mean to be tornbetween something?
Is it similar of being stuck between something?

For example: Fabregas torn between Barcelona and Arsenal

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    Ok i see, Thank you very much. So in this example:

    Fabregas torn on Barcelona move, Would be the same as:

    Fabregas keen on Barcelona move?


    If you are torn between two possibilities, you find it very difficult to choose between them


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    I did. And i can't find any prober perspective on example: Fabregas torn on Barcelona move.

    I thought since this example: Fabregas torn between Barcelona and Arsenal, did mean as i quote rusita: "In this context it means it is difficult for him to decide between B and A." It seems to be then, That "Fabregas torn on Barcelona move" would mean that he has decided that he want to move to Barcelona.

    But obviosly i'm wrong then. So what would it mean: Fabregas torn on Barcelona move? He's not interested or?


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    One possible source of confusion is that the original sentence is written in the style of a headline, with the word "is" omitted.

    Ordinarily we would say:
    Fabregas is torn between Barcelona and Arsenal.​


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    I would guess that the origin is from: a piece of fabric (in the figurative sense, his mind) being pulled in two separate directions (Barca and Gunners) at the same time. The fabric will eventually be torn (apart). This only can happen when both sides are still pulling, i.e., when he has not decided.
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