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    Here I found:

    To be afraid of being left on the shelf.

    There are also some other translations there.

    It also depends on content. Generally it is as in your quotation: “the fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages.”
    So it can mean that a girl feels that she soon is too old to get a baby, or that someone wants to do something and feels getting too old.


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    The Langenscheidt dictionary offers: last minute panic (in general), fear of being left on the shelf, fear of missing the boat (for unmarried people)


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    Yes, thanks, but how to translate it without repeating the definition? I tried to think of a word that English might have assembled from Greek that ends in "-phobia" and can't think of anything.

    Cheers - Bob


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    - though that's specifically a fear of remaining unmarried, rather than a general one of opportunities passing you by.

    *sorry, tried to add this into my previous post, but it wouldn't accept the edit.


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    Note, that this is only one meanings of "Torschlusspanik", so it depends on your context.

    There may also be the phobia not to get (deliver ?) a baby because of growing age. Is there a name for this? This would be interesting.

    Or in the university, that you run out of time with preparations for the examen because you started too late.

    The most similar is "Last minute panic" but I do not know whether it is idiomatic in the same sense as the German word.
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