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Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by thecrapler, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. thecrapler Senior Member

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    En el mundo de aseguros, que significa "el total reclamado".
  2. Santiago Jorge

    Santiago Jorge Senior Member

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    I think it means "total recovery" or "total coverage." Do one of these fit the context you are working with?
  3. thecrapler Senior Member

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    Good to hear from you.
    It is basically a discussion of how much the sum of claims demanded with come to in an insurance deal where the insurer needs to pay out to their client. So I am looking for the insruance industry equivalant of "total reclamado".
  4. chilangoschick New Member

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    Hi, and although brand new to this forum (this is my first post), cree que significa "total claim" ? Soy una agente de seguros, y usamos la palabra "reclamo". If you are wanting the total paid out to an insured or injured party that is the terminology I would use.
  5. thecrapler Senior Member

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    muchisimas gracias chilangoschick. me alegro que tengo experta en el campo de seguros para ayudarme! suerte!
  6. chilangoschick New Member

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    No soy una experta. Soy gavacha! Pero- tambien, mi novio me ayuda porque el esta estudiando para ser un agente de seguros. Hope that it helps.
  7. evitap Senior Member

    Qué es gavacha?

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