totes (adverb)

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    (adverb, informal) totally, completely, in every way
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    She's then seen in a vintage car through the streets of Paris, applying a second coat of lipstick before entering the show amongst the paparazzi. As Kate so rightly puts it, "a girl can't make an entrance without her lipstick." Mossy, we totes agree. (BellaSugar Australia - ‎Mar 13, 2011‎) Kate Moss is Iconic in Dior's Addict Lipstick Ad!
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    Ex-Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick, who tried to eke out another few seconds of fame in the TNA wrestling circuit herself, is totes jealous of Snooki. (The Hollywood Gossip - ‎Mar 16, 2011)‎ Angelina Pivarnick to Snooki: You Fat Troll!

    Though Microsoft is totes psyched (and they should be) about this turn of events, the record holder for most downloads in 24 hours has been rock solid for almost three years, and that blue ribbon will remain with Mozilla's Firefox 3, released June 17. (TweakTown - ‎Mar 17, 2011‎) IE9 sees 2.35 Million Downloads in First 24 Hours
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    (I found it only in Wictionary.)
  2. celtique Member

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    Just speculation, but I'm wondering if this was borrowed from the French word tout (and variations toute & toutes), in the sense of everything or all?
  3. Welshie

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    Based on the usage given, I'd say it's more likely to be a cross between "totally " and "lots"/"loads"...
  4. celtique Member

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    Welshie, that makes a lot more sense than my French theory!
  5. JamesM

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    I asked a co-worker who was familiar with it. He says he understood it to be a shortened form of "totally". He also said that it was obnoxious and already on the wane among his friends here in Los Angeles. (And I just learned about it from this thread!)
  6. JuicyJew Senior Member

    It definitely is a short version of totally, nothing else. Although I'm pretty certain "tout" and "totally" have the same root anyway.

    But yeah it's really common in slang to add "s" to words. It just sort of intensifies "by plurality" the word. And/or indicates that the word is shortened. And because people like to break grammar rules :)


    BTWS (by the way), LOLZ, hells, heaps (used as really), anyways...

    And in writing: soz (sorry), tomoz (tomorrow)
  7. superflashyhexagon New Member

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    It is a shortened form of 'totally' and made popular here in the UK by a semi-reality TV show called "The Only Way is Essex" (TOWIE), where some of the more prominent members of the 'cast' used the word 'totes' a lot along with 'amazeballs'. These words (and the phrase 'totes amazeballs') are now widely understood and used in the UK, but often in a tongue-in-cheek way.
  8. Kross

    Kross Senior Member

    I learned that totes is a slang term short for totally. I wonder how to pronounce it.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. JamesM

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    It rhymes with votes and notes.
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