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  1. summertimegal New Member

    I am looking for the opposite to "noli me tangere", ie I want to write "touch me", instead of "don't touch me". Is it correct to simply say "me tangere" or what would that mean?
  2. dubitans Senior Member

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    me tange

    tangere is infinitive

    There are two negations of me tange:

    Ne me tetigeris
    Noli me tangere (literally: Don't wish to touch me!)
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  3. ablativ Senior Member

    "me tange!" is - of course - grammatically correct but does not sound really poetic, if it is to be used this way.

    "Hurry up to touch me!" "Vola me tangere!" sounds nicer and there is a certain similarity to "noli me tangere (circulos meos)" which makes the the whisch even more poetic.

    Vola (volare - imp. sgl) [hurry/fly to me] me tangere! (and touch me).
  4. dubitans Senior Member

    Vienna, Austria
    German - Austria
    In this case I'd prefer the supinum: Vola me tactum!
  5. ablativ Senior Member

    Yes, right you are: a typical "in order to" thing. Hurry to me (in order) to touch me. ---> supinum

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